Sunday, May 8, 2011

Moms gift...part two

This is a simple mug kit found at Michaels that use markers for the
design. Markers tend to wash off and isn't food safe. So I planned my
design anyway...put all of moms nicknames on this cup. Then I hit it
with some pebeo vitrea 160 glass paint. Which makes it safe to eat off
of after baking. The cup in the pic was my first came home
during the baking process and in my panic to keep her from seeing it...I
exposed the cup to a sudden temp change. To my surprise it didn't break
but it did bubble badly. I recreated the cup and brought her coffee in
it. The second one came out perfect and she was none the wiser until I
showed it to her...she said she's gonna use that one to hold jewelry.
Haha anyway...the cup says the following in case you can see it: spoiled
and loved, cranky and cute, grumpy and sweet, grinny Charlene, mom,
grand mom, great grandmom.
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