Friday, December 16, 2011

Fantastic skin quick

What's the secret....bentonite clay. And don't even bother to buy a special batch of it...just use the mud wash you already it by Aztec or Terressentials.  Here I have Terressentials pure earth wash-cool mint on my face. I poured about a tablespoon in a ramikin along with an equal amount of aloe juice. Mixed it until it was a looser texture than I use for my hair........and simply painted it on my skin with a face brush. Then I put my feet up for 20 mins until it dried. Loosened it with a warm face towel....rinsed it off and that was it. It was both my face wash and mask.

When I came face felt like all the silt on the bus lot had waged war on my face and it was starting to break out on my left there is no sign of the break out, no dullness, and its super soft. If you do this...avoid the eyes...avoid the lips. If you use cool advised that along with peppermint...there is spearmint...which may make your eyes water. But it rinses clean from skin just as it does the hair...leaving behind the glow you see here.

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