Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Fave paint brushes restored

It is said...a paint brush is only as good as its maintenance. Well...these have been maintained for over 10 years. The pouncer....the paint on the handle has completely flaked off and the raw wood...is splintering my hand.  The sable #5...same issue with the paint...worse...it feels hard on my skin like I'm holding a needle. The liner....well...its getting a maskeover just to keep my matching set....a matched set.

So first I took duct tape...wraped it around the paint brush. And used the back of a pair of scissors to rub the areas where the flaking was extreme. I peeled the duct tape off...sanded the handles smooth. I then coated the handles with

a coat of clear polyurethane water based paint...using a napkin at the top and then I dipped them in the paint---which was easier than trying to use the paint brush and restoring it at the same time. Let them dry by standing them in a brush holder or use a tape roll to balance it until dry.

Taking a soft comfy yarn like a superwash wool or your fave acrylic blend....hold the start of the yarn with the thumb...wind tightly a couple of times...then holding the lead yarn out of the way...paint the handle with a line of paint, instead of glue as it will dry slow allowing you to complete the project without having to reapply glue. Continue wraping the yarn...completely enclosing the end and continuing until entire handle is wrapped. About an inch from the end... dip, or apply the paint to all sides of the exposed handle...finish wraping.  When the end is reached, wrap the yarn towards the top a few rounds. Anchor with a clip or rubber band and let dry for at least an hour. At this point, for extra security....you can apply nail glue in drops along the wraps.

When dry, carefully trim the loose end and apply a drop of glue and smooth the end into the yarn wraps. At this point....you can dip the wrapped handle into the gloss and let dry again or just leave it as is....making sure the end strand is very secure.



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Thanks Diva! I did the pink one before I realized the sock yarn would be a better choice...but its cool...I use it more so the pink will make it easier to spot. Haha