Saturday, December 10, 2011

LOTD: 4-hawk

The 4-hawk...otherwise known as mohawk ponytails. Great if you have too much hair for a mohawk, or a fro-hawk, not willing to cut it for a look....and not enough hair for a blackhawk. Also I dislike bobbi pins and hair pins...when they hold well enough to secure the hair...scalp hurts. When I put them in in a fashion that doesn't hurt my scalp...they pop out. This was my solution for a similar look. 

I divided the hair in 4 sections....ear to ear...then each of those sections were split across. Starting at he back each section was put into a center ponytail with a snag free band. Then they were adjusted by pulling forward or pushing backward towards the other ponytails.

Total time...7 mins. Give it a try.  Heres a vid to make it extra easy to try it out:

 how to do the 4-hawk 

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