Friday, August 24, 2012

Rocking the big pony

Ever noticed the full fluff of hair disappears when you go to make a's how to rock the big pony....part hair and clamp into 4 parts....the center ear...across back to other ear. Then 2 slanted slide parts from halo to ear...about an inch up from the edge. The center section use a sturdy hair holder. I broke hair gear with this style, and make the pony tail strait up and making sure its centered on top of your head. The back ...make a pony. The sides...bring together in front of the main pony and make a small one. Now lean over and bind all 3 sections together with a hair tie....not tightly...just enough to keep together. Then split the main the front pony in it and shake....this will cause it to fluff up but "fall" into a cascade. Love it!

To sleep...twist the small ponytails, split the main one into 2 or 3 sections and twist. Hold together to put a bonnet on it....wont fit in bonnet loose.

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