Friday, August 17, 2012

Tight weave pattern

Tight doesn't refer to braiding tightly....braid comfortably. Tight refers to the closeness of the braids...the finished weave pattern will be tightly placed...close together. It gives a more natural effect.

Start by washing and conditioning the hair....then apply 14n1...this will make it curl back up but don't worry about long as there's're all good. Next apply some grapeseed oil to seal in the moisture.

Make a halo part, medium size braid...starting at the nape, braid around the entire hair line....if you are going for a blending effect...dont add weave to the halo...or be prepared to take it out. This will allow the natural hair to cover the added hair. Then make a side part going back...braid a few rows from side edge towards center like this. Now do the same on the other side. Next...part it strait down the center...anchor one side while making parts strait back...braid from center towards side. Since the side braids follow the face shape, the braids will be angled on side. The strait braids will taper making a triangular part for the last braid to fit into. Repeat the steps for the other section of hair. Put the finish braids in a ponytail in the now have an anchor for weaving that is secure. If hair isnt long enough for a ponytail in the back ...extend it a little and then it will be fect for an anchor. I usually comb out the pony so the hair can blend to the hair im adding.

If your gonna weave this pattern....start at the nape and follow the halo braid around the head. The do the center braids. The strait parts in the center will allow you to part the finished hair style anywhere you want in the front. Also important to note....the hair in the front and center can be done close together....for the back it can be a finger width apart. This keeps the weight and bulk down, especially when using longer hair.

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