Friday, August 10, 2012

A little modification...crochet braids

Seems I had too many braids, with the hair too closely spaced. It made for a very volumous look but with a lot of weight. I didn't mind the weight since my hair was much longer in the past and weighed more. The volume, however, unlike human hair....synthetic hair won't lay down. It broke 2 would not make a bun. 

Well since I have to go back to work soon to do my second route...I didn't have time to redo with larger braids and less I took out 4 braids on the right side....removed the crochets and rebraided them as 2 braids, and 5 braids on the left and rebraided it as 3 braids. I left 6 in the center. They hang properly and cover the braids removed. This way I have an acceptable style to finish the work day and can fix it when I get home.

The center braids will be split in half and rebraided...this will leave me a total of 10 braids on the redo. In the mean looks nice and weighs less.

The fun part about crochet braids...when done with a loop knot, they can be removed quickly and you can change the hair from curly to strait to brown to blonde or whatever you about an hour. Love them.

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