Saturday, March 23, 2013

Getting past that awkward stage

So...your curly hair is long enough for a ponytail but keeps pulling out of the ponytail holder. Or if its liike mine....broke the ponytail holder and had to use some random piece of string. What to do? Box braids....or.....cuz I found the box braids too thick...micro braids.

The box braids though fine....where about the width of a pencil and forced the hair to hang strait...effectively removing the asthectic curl of my hair... I split the box braids into 2, 3, and even 4 sections and rebraided them. Now when I wet my follows the natural curl pattern of the hair. I can roll it, wear it in a ponytail...that won't pop aloose or let it hang. After finishing the hair, coat it with moisturizer, put a bonnet on and let the hair soak it up. Protective styles need to be protective and allowing for dryness isn't an option. The smaller the braids...the more moisturizer needed.

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