Saturday, March 23, 2013

My "new" soap supply rack

Those who were evicted from my rack are being petty that I'm now using all 6 rungs of a rack I've owned for years....instead of just 2. But they wanted my stuff off the table so ummmm....ya.

Originally....they fussed cuz I wanted to put the rack in the kitchen so it got placed on the edge of the kitchen in the dining room. The 2 shelves I was using was for fo's and mp soap supplies. Now I make cold process and it takes much more room. There's a shelf for everything. There's now a place for my oils, freezer paper, plastic wrap, gloves, masks, labels, fo's, lye, vinegar, distilled water, stick blender, etc.

The things that got evicted....mail from folks that no longer live here, toys grandkids left here, a tea maker with so much dust on it from non-use that it would make more sense to throw it away...esspecially sense we use boiling water or the microwave to make tea anyway...goofy things like that. Their main argument against me taking back my rack was "everything had a place." that stuff has a difference place, cuz its my rack and I don't need permission to use it.

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