Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mango papaya!

I now have a professional grade scale....holds 0.001 oz up 15 pounds.....and has a "gunk guard" love that thing. What better way to celebrate a new scale than with a weight intesive soap recipe! I used a no liner 5.5 hdpe mold that I lined anyway. When you are making multiple batches...easier to lift up the lined soap, reline...and pour a new batch right away. No need to wash the mold as all the contents are contained within the lining. there's a 5.5 pound of mango papaya soap that I just put to bed resting in the other room. This scale has a hold...and a tare features and can use diffferent measures from kg to oz to what ever you need.

The soap has coconut oil, palm oil, castor oil, and a double helping of mango butter. This should make a very solid bar as half way thru the recipe I realized there was only solid oils in this recipe. That is probally why it came to trace in only 5 mins. Smells wonderful with mango papaya scent.

Today is 3/6/13 so it will be finished curing arouund the end of April...stay tuned.

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