Wednesday, July 24, 2013

"You sexy thing you" soap

This soap smell amazing...however. its the design I am hoping will take center stage.  I'm hoping to see a heart when I cut it open.

I used 82nd Avenue (a flat magenta pigment) which I mixed with diamond dust mica to get a mica type sparkle....this used as one color. The second color was coral reef blue...a turquoise color with sparkle. I layered these after letting it thicken a bit and then I used a spoon shaped spatula and did a spoon type / loopy swirl....then I turned the whole mold around and did it again.

The color looked kinda light and I was thinking "oh no...its gonna be pastel!" I wrapped it up and put it to bed. But after gelling...I woke up to the vibrance I was looking for.

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