Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My new soap pot

My new soap pot is actually my 8 pound coconut oil bucket. It has a secure large enough to hold very large batches of soap and very has no lip at the top for soap to pool into while you're trying to scrape out all the soap.

The best part....if I want to premix my oils, the lid iis. Very secure. Yesterday, I premixed my oils, premixed my micas, and premixed my lye water. That was about 1 or 2 pm. I had planned to make soap around 4 but didn't get the opportunity until. 8. The soap pot was still sterile cuz the premixed oils were secure inside the lidded bucket, the containers for micas and lye water also had lids. When it was time to make soap...all I had to do was uncap everything and mix it together. That actually made it easier to concentrate on the swirl idea. Cuz it was fresh in my mind and I didn't have to worry about measuring, weighing, emulsifying, tracing, superfatting, scenting, coloring then molding. ...that was mostly done. 

The soaping session went like this...uncap the premixed oils...stir. uncap the lye water...stir. uncap the micas, uncap the sf/fo blend. Mix the oils and lye water....trace, add the sf/fo,  split into the color cups....stir. pour into the mold and swirl. Esentially the premixing broke the process down to mix, mold, design....done. clean up was easy too...nearly everything fit in the soap pot. So instead of vinegar and soap in several containers....there was only 2 main containers and that means less soap needed, less vinegar, less time. Saving time and money is always a good thing.

At some point I will have another bucket like I can premix "tomorrows batch" while "todays batch" is in clean up phase. The premixed oils can sit sealed in the bucket, on the shelf where the coconut oil sat already has its own place.

check out for current inventory.

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