Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Laundry detergent

So....the small container was laundry detergent I made from a bar of unscented soap....it occured to me that even at 1 tbs per load...this was not enough for a family of 4. So I made a small 24 oz batch of 100% coconut oil soap...just for the laundry. It gelled immediately, split, and hardened to a solid white loaf. Too hard to be sliced the regular way...ussed a miter box and blade. Not worried about how cute it looked since its destiny is to be shredded into some washing soda and used for laundry. The ph7 was a surprise....i was expecting a much harsher soap as i made it with pure coconut oil and no softners such as superfatting or other oils. It zapps grease and is a little drying on the hands...but since its not for skin....no big whoop.

When done....I have 5.5 pounds of laundry powder and a pound of coconut soap left. The only reason I didn't make 10 pounds is the thought of carrying down the basement stairs...14 steps...no banister.  Besides...this was a test batch...new method, wanted to be sure everyone likes it. General concensus..."it smells like ivory" which I find funny cuz there's no ivory in it. Everyone agrees it cleans well. My main concern....and delight...no itch.. by now.....I've washed all of my clothes.....there's no worries with this mix. Loving it.

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