Friday, July 19, 2013

Baby Powder cpop soap

What happens when you put cp soap in the oven? Cpop soap. Cold Process / oven processed (cpop) combines the smoothness of cp. And the quickness of hp. Hot process (hp) tends to have a "rustic" look which a lot of folks identify with as handmade, not realizing that cold process (cp) is also hand made and is infact the soap that needs to cure for weeks at a time. Cp needs 4 to 6 weeks...sometimes cure.  Hp only needs a few hours to a week to cure. Cpop only needs about a week or 2 to cure. See the advantage? The look of one....the attributes of the other...cpop. Cpop forces the soap to fully saponify and gel in a matter of a couple of hours and evaporate off the water immediately instead of over a time span of weeks.

My cp Kiss and Tell soap was made 7/8/2013 and won't be ready until 8/8/2013. My cpop Baby Powder was made 7/18/2013 and will be ready 7/30/2013. This is a desirable method when building inventory.

Important to note...cpop is a heated aware of 4 things...1. The. flash point of your fragrance oil must be higher than 180 degrees or your soap (which will be cooking in a 170 degree oven) will have little or no scent. 2. This is not a good method for milk (or suagr or honey) soaps as over heating and vocanoing can occur. Milk, sugar, and honey soaps heat up fast on their own...adding them to more heat is a very bad thing. 3.  Also...the color choices...neons, florescents, and colors known to morph are to be avoided....the colors can be sporatically unpredictable. 4. Finally...this is not for a new recipe...your tried and know what it will do...classic recipe is best for this.

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