Sunday, March 13, 2011

Lookie what the sock fairy blessed me with!

Deborah Norville Serenity yarn is on sale 2 for 5.00 at Joann's Fabrics
today. The Red Heart Heart and Sole was regular price....5.99 each, but
it's all good cuz I caught it on sale last time. Haha Norville around
here is usually 10.00 find it on buy it. Period.
No argument. That is all. Hahaha

This color is called paprika and it's a striping yarn not a speckle.
Learned my lesson on the speckle...sometimes the color pools in odd
places...and doesn't always match the other sock. Well, with know what you are getting ahead of time...stripes.

The plain Ivory, gonna make another pair of the Mystery Sock 09 so the
lace pattern can take center stage uninterrupted by the color variations
of the yarn....cuz plain has no variations. Ha

That's about 6 socks ahead of now though so just stay tuned pics will
post when they are done.
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