Thursday, March 31, 2011

Goodbye old friend!

This is my handle anything mug....has 3 handles. It was the first thing
I bought with the first Westwood lot location paycheck from Petermann 9
yrs ago. Before that I drove the blue and white buses...same company.
When I got transferred...I was officially a yellow bus driver. This was
my reward. Well...coming out of the dishwater...the chip has graduated
to a crack....that goes down the length of the cup and the 3rd handle
broke off. In case don't have anymore...I figured I best
immortalize it. That way if need be...I can show it when trying to
explain that I'm looking for a 3 handle cup if I have to scour the
malls. If that doesn't happen....good bye old friend thanks for all the
~ ~
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