Monday, March 7, 2011

DIY Hand sanitizer gel

Take a used hand sanitizer bottle and some gel you have
available...squeeze gel into bottle till about half full....fill the
rest of the way with alcohol...perferably 91% but anything 75 and higher
will work. Cap tightly...the alcohol will sit on top of the gel cuz it's
lighter. Shake very well. This will break the gel up but not blend. Haha
now take a knitting needle or something small enough to fit in the
opening....stir well. Cap tightly again and shake. Leave capped and give
it a good shake once every 10 to 20 mins! Sooner or will
notice it isn't quite so watery and the bubbles will get suspended. When
the bubbles no longer rise strait to the's ready. I used
walgreens aloe vera gel...cuz it's 2 for 5 bucks...and made for skin.
I've also used hair's up to you. Point works, it's
cheap cuz it's already in the house, and it lets you stay clean until
you can get more of the real thing.
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