Saturday, March 5, 2011

Rock go bye bye

This is my favorite ruby ring of the past 22 years. It lives on my right
hand and suddenly I was getting this scratching I took it
off and looked at it. One of the rocks on the end cap is missing...sad
to clue where. Rock go bye bye and I'm just gonna burnish the
sharp end down and life will go on. Mom suggested I put a diamond in the
empty slot. Haha no. Took me a few years to find a ruby ring that wasn't
abused by the presence of diamonds and cz's which to me detracts from
the beauty of the rubies. So I will just smooth away the scratchy rough
surface and should an eye clear, pigeon blood ruby in the right size
ever become available...I'll have it repaired. Otherwised...just as I
have evolved with has my ring. Haha
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