Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mystery Sock 2009 finished.

....and yes I know it's 2011. Haha the name of the pattern...and
attached clues was "Mystery Sock 2009" so of course that's the only
thing I could call it.

The yarn...Pattons Stretch Socks in Kelp...not sure I like the effect.
The yarn looked speckled when I bought it but after a few rounds it was
apparent that the colors were more vibrant thant I originally
thought....and then here is a lace pattern. Conflicting to the eyes or
pleasing? Undecided.

The one thing I know for sure....this pattern will be great for solid
colors...which will allow the lace to stand out more. I am gonna make a
pair in solid...but in the meantime...I will make the match to this
sock. If you want to try this pattern go to and find the socktoberfest pattern
for Mystery Sock 2009. I had a blast knitting it so you will too.
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