Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Something someone told me..."watch" this.

Enabled me to wear my watch again! The metal on the back of my
watch...unlike the front isn't gold. I can only wear silver, gold,
plastic, etc next to my skin. Great for most jewelry...not so great when
your gold watch is only gold on the part that's seen. Someone told me to
paint the back with nail polish...perferably clear. I don't have
clear...only had pink. So I put the watch on...flipped it over and
painted it with the nail polish as shown. I let it dry for about an
hour, flipped it back over...waited 5 rash. No itch. No
indication what so ever of the allergic reactions most watches have
caused me. I have other jewelry I'm gonna do this too...and I don't
think I'll be looking for clear...with the colored polish I can easily
see if it's wearing off.

I can now report that's it's been a week and there has been no reaction.
Thought I'd share. If nickel or other metals bother you...give it a
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