Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tail light tape style

Moms tail light was damaged when someone hit her car....leaving the bulb exposed.  I was going to make a cear fabric of duck tape....color it red with a marker and then cover hat with more clear tape....except....the markers got ghost, rain is expected, and it has to get done. Rather than just clear only....we found this red envelope....almost the shape of the tail light. I encased the envelope in the tape....and made the tape fabric large enough to cover the entire tail light to trim and fit....and attach with more clear tape. Its night time so a pic of the finshed project will be in the next post. Tested a simple light from the back shone thru to the front well. The bulb is brighter than the simple light so it should work and still fall within the standard of the law.....the back has been covered with enough tape to disperse and reflect the light.

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