Saturday, July 14, 2012

Flaunt...the cast off

The cast off of the loops and threads Flaunt yarn is as follows... k1, k1 and pass 1st stitch on eyelet over the 2nd, k1, pass st over...repeat across. When you get to last st...k1 and pass from lead strand. Trim the eyelet past that and secure it as a knot...then trim the ruffle.

I trimmed the ruffle at an angle so i could fold it toward the work....whipped stitched it down so the end would be the knot...couldnt see where it is on the finished work. When working with a yarn like this....everything beyound knitting shows up in an obvious way so take the time to conceal knots and the addition of new skiens, etc.

Another option, is to add regular yarn for one row then cast off on the next row which would encase the flaunt into the cast off.

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