Sunday, July 1, 2012

Flat twist 14

Flat twist 14...first, wet hair, part a section at the nape and anchor out the way. Then part a section on the side following the shape of the head...apply a small amount of C-butter or shea butter to the entire section...and twist toward center of head...tight and small as if you are cornrowing. Repeat towards may have to stagger a section or two to accommodate the shape of the head. When you are a couple of sections away from the center, start on the other side of the head...repeating the pattern toward the center of head. This is usually 13  twists if you added two staggered sections. Now...twists the section at the nape upwards and across....making a total of 14. Hence the name flat twist 14.

This protective will last at least two weeks if wrapped at night. There is no pull or pressure on the scalp as twists will give gradually. If you want the style to last longer...braid it. Braids will give a totally different look and you don't have to worry about which direction the work is going in.

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