Monday, July 30, 2012

I rebatched my shampoo bar

Here is my overly harsh neem, and tea tree oil shampoo bar....cut into much smaller pieces. My hair requires a more fatted format or higher oil concentration. I melted it and infused it with grapeseed oil. Now its softer...I even killed that smell by heating it and allowing the neem smell to evaporate and then adding some peppermint. Had to be done...Neem for all the wonderful things it does for hair...smells awful. Tea tree oil for all the healing properties it has....stinks. Peppermint...wonderful but natual scent. Peppermint also has the ability to mask the scent of other things.

So its curing....becuz of the grapeseed oil....I'm gonna give it a longer curing time. But as you can see the finished product is gonna actually be more than the starting amount of 6 oz. This is an 8oz container I'm using to mold it....and it is slightly over the top. So far the experiment is a success.....if it works out I will. Also do the same to the other two bars. I ordered some aloe base to make a large batch of soap...but when trying somthing to start small.

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