Friday, July 13, 2012

Loops and threads "flaunt" yarn

This is loops and threads flaunt yarn. This works up into a ruffled fabric. You only knit the eyelet loops and let the rest hang and form a ruffle. The tension of the stitches cause the yarn to draw up into the ruffle making a complicated looking work that's so easy, a new knitter can do it without much more instruction than a glance at the back of the label.

However....there was a knot in this skein....which a beginner may not know how to therefore I made a few vids on working with this yarn that are posted now. To resolve a knot...or for that join a second ball of yarn, cut the yarn before an eyelet and match up the last available eyelet of free end of the old strand, with the first available eyelet on the free end of the new strand. When knitting....the needle goes into both of the overlapped eyelet stitches and is knitted as one stitch. This allows the two ends to be virtually seamless and practically invisible when the next row or two is knitted over it.

 the how too is here in vid 446. "Flaunt" it if you got it 


cynthiaknitter said...

If I knit only once into each "eyelet" hole, there's no gathering !
Do I knit as many stitches as I can possibly knit into each eyelet hole ? (acting as if the thread above the hole is just the "working yarn" ? Thank you !

peepla said...

No. On stitch per only want one stitch in each one....when you get to the next row the eyelets will line up to the ones just worked...the tension created by working the knit will cause the ruffle effect. I tried it both as a garterr stitch and as a stockinette automatically ruffles.

peepla said... vid on how to do it. This is vid 446. Theres also info in vids 445 thru to 449 about this yarn.

Emilie Parker said...

Have you ever done crochet with the flaunt? I really need a crochet pattern using flaunt. I can't find anything except a crocheted necklace but I need a scarf pattern. It's for a nice old lady who has cancer and she wants to crochet a scarf for her granddaughter out of Flaunt.

Sue said...

How do you add on another skein of the flaunt yarn? Also not sure how to bind off.