Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Melted Vitafusion gummy vites....here's how to fix it.

Needed..2 tbs powdered sugar or flour, 2 forks, a bowl big enough to hold the contents of the vitafusion gummys....perferably with a lid.

My gummy vites melted becuz of the Cincinnati heat wave. A week ago, I noticed they were sticky....then I go to get two out, they were melted together in a mass. 12.00...stuck together, folks giggling, not throwing them out.

If this has happened to you, shake them up as much as possible to get them off the sides and bottom...store the bottle in the fridge upside down for a few hours to let them solidify. If you try to scoop them out while still melted and soft...the doses will get blended. When cool, take a fork and work them out into a bowl. Once they are in a bowl...using two forks...work all the vites apart . Now cover them with the flour or sugar. If you are using a bowl with a lid...cover and shake well until all are covered. If not using a covered bowl, stir well until the powdered sugar/ flour sticks to all of them. It is now safe to put them back in the bottle. If they do melt again....they won't stick to each other.

The next bottle I buy...I'm gonna just spinkle in some powdered sugar and give them a shake before I even take the first one. Save myself the time consuming process of having to unstick them.

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