Friday, April 5, 2013

Pointilisum inspiration

In soaping 101 we have a challenge; this one:

Mine isn't gonna be an interpretation of Monet's "the Clouds", mine is gonna be the mysterious flowers that started popping up in the front yard. Mysterious becuz the whole yard....void of all vegetation except grass. We cut down trees and uprooted all flowers and weeds years ago. It was the only way to leave the house without sneezing or walking into spider webs from spiders that insisted on webbing across the 2 front trees no matter how many times they were sprayed or knocked down. Frankly, we were just tired of being bitten.

So here we are years later...with the melting of the are pretty little pops of color that just showed up and has made no one sneeze. Even the dandilions are providing color. I was very surprised to see these purple flowers....and to discover white ones that look like baby breath, little blue ones....etc.

Even Mom got inspired after seeing the soaping vid and offered me this advice: "those look like they are dying...take pictures of them quick and the rest of them too." So here are the pictures of the yard....stay tuned for the soap it inspires.

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