Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pointillism soap challenge accepted

Well....if it looks anything like the inspiration pic I'll be happy. If it looks like a field of flowers...that'll be good too. Since I'm new at mixing colors goes without saying I'm not exactly expert at "eyeballing color" so I thought I had enough of the 2 main colors as the containers were totally full but next time I'll know to make an extra bottle of main color and smaller amounts of the accent colors.

As it was...too much purple...another main color....and a notation on the label in writting much to small to read comfortably..."not suitable for high alkaline soap" which means the purple may turn grey. Haha. In quilting....there's an issue with red dye in vintage quilts....which is known as Turkey red and stolen red. What happens is this...the red either turns brown over time,  or the color fades to a nearly white shade. In effect the red was "stolen" by time. Even though todays dyes are much more stable, quilters purposely buy reds that duplicate the more unstable fabric dyes of yesteryear. So I have no problem with a "ghost" purple.

I also mixed way too much yellow and blue so when I ran out of the greens....I mixed the yellow into the blue. Hahaha which becuz it was true yellow and coral reef blue that had been mixed with blue violet...gave me green....but a rather funky green. Haha this will be interesting. I also had too much white...and it kept streaking on its exit from the bottle....hopefully it shows up. If worries. The pink.....oh let me tell you...I could not be happier with the brightness of this mica! Its called "strong pink" and it is vibrant and truely a strong pink. Even though I mis-measured the colors, everything went okay with the challenge...except...I forgot to add the sf/fo. So this soap will be unscented.

Can't wait to see this cut. The temptation to peek had been so overwhelming that I made another batch of soap. Haha

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