Sunday, April 14, 2013

The new face of cherry bomb

So cherry bomb mp was sold out a week into its existance and the same customer asked if I had a cherry bomb of today....yes I do! It will be ready in 4 - 6 weeks.

The pointillism soap was supposed to be cherry scented...however right after I poured the last of the raw soap into the squeeze bottles...I seen the sf/fo blend. I had tempered the mango butter and when it reached a warm tempurature...I added 2.5 oz of cherry scent. And put it next to the stick I usually do. Mom decided to hang out in the kitchen while I was measuring oiils and adding color to the bottles and being very aware of her presence...I guess I got distracted. I got her to exit the kitchen twice...she came back...chatty chatty, coffee, food etc.

I got her to eixt again...started putting on goggles and such and said, "oh mommy...lye time." She left and stayed out...found her phone and started talking on it. At this point , I blended my oils and lye water and got busy.

The cherry fo could not be poured back into the bottle cuz I had added a mango butter sf to it.  I couldn't store's evaporate even though the sf will not. So I mixed. Double batch of the recipe I made for the pointillism as the next available mold was 4 pounds in capacity. I then added 2 more oz of cherry and another oz of mango butter. I pressed the mango against the sides of the container into the oils so break it up instead of melting it. When it was nice and grainy looking ...moisturizing beads is what I was going for here...then I addded it to the batter. Along with some titanium dioxide to make the soap white.

I dusted the bottom of the mold with 'true coral' than attempted a pencil line with 'true coral' mica....that did not work out well. Since I was using a sample pack...the little bag it was in, allowed for uneven distribution and it clumped all over the surface of the soap. I used a skewer to break up the clumps and played it into a swirl....I then pour half of the remaining soap into another container and sprinkled the color into one of them. Stired it a few times....lightly. I figured the clumpy parts would have a color burst effect throughout the soap where ever it is. Then I layered the white and pink a hanger swirl and while it was still loose...I put that skewer back to work.

In other best friend broght by black cherry bread.  How fitting that im making a cherry scented soap and she brings me cherry flavored bread. Shes awesome!

A note on lining....this is a four pound traditional wood mold with a lid....I used the lid as a guide to line it by creasing the paper over its edges. I then maade 4 slits in the paper to coincide then I used the top which fits inside the mold as a guide. I pushed the top to the bottom...while holding it in place...I taped the sides of the paper into position and then put it aside until I was ready for it. After I covered it with plastic wrap...I carfully put the lid on...there was plenty of room for the lid but I stopped pushing the lid when it was flush with the edges. I put it to bed under the same blankey as the pointillism soap. Goodnight soapies...see you in the morning. Can wait to cut these open and see what they look like.

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