Saturday, April 20, 2013

Using shrinkage to your advantage!

So it rained that I'm understating that it rained all day, non stop and thunderstormed just for variety.

My hair........rare occasion...was down. Center was allow to be free. So by my break....I had a fro. I embraced hair hasn't fro'd in a long time becuz the length wouldn't allow for it. As it was...I failed to sleep in my bonnet, I didn't moisturize, so here my slightly dry hair got exposed to 4 hours of rain and moisture in the air. Frizz...would be an understatement too.

I coated it with conditioner and randomly two strand twisted it throughout....getting my moisture back. I allowed it to dry that way before rinsing...if its gonna shrink...its gonna shrink on my terms. Then I went and got some "eats" and came back home. Everyone asked me "who did my hair?...its so cute" haha I do this to my hair everytime I wash it. It minimizes tangles. Anyway...after rinsing....I twisted right back up...random pattern no parts. When looked half its length. Its cute, controled and not hanging in my eyes.

Its Springtime in Cincinnati...this will be my go to protective as it keeps the frizz to a minimum and allows my hair to be free to swell in moisture as it needs to. That encourages there.

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