Saturday, April 6, 2013

The first slice

This is the 1st slice of the first cp soap I ever made. This soap is gonna be kept for prosterity....and amusement...and as a reminder of what not to do.

Making this soap....didn't know how to release the bubbles. I learned first hand about raw soa splashes. what happens when a fresh cut...soaft soft falls into another bar....see that divot...2 bars fell into each other...both bars have that divot. Then the corner...that's an indentation from my finger.

I have since learned how to make my own recipe...instead of a frankinstien like this where nearly every ingredient got switch out for another one. I've leearned soap calculation, sap values, I can do it by hand but I have a soap app on my phone and 2 others on the net as I've also learned that all calculations aren't equal and the best 2 out of 3 is a better way to go than taking 1 as the absolute truth....gotta be sure when it comes to soap.

I've learned where to get ingredients in bulk, cheaper, and when to go to the local grocery store. Everything from this point is upward bound cuz all expenses....molds, themometers, pots, measuring bowls, etc....done. from this point on....I only need buy ingredients and make soap out of it.


LeeAnne Powers said...

Ms Kay it's Li Li. I used the mango butter on my hands and it left them super soft! Great soap!

peepla said...

Thanks LiLi, glad you liked it!