Monday, April 29, 2013

Soaping and soapy endeavors

Packaged up the moms day soaps. Delivered. Packageed up the Perfect man soap...weighed and labeled, ready to go. The Un is cured and hard as a brick....will be wrapping those tomorrow. But check this out...My first itps with blue coral reef, titanium dioxide and foilage. I used the tall narrow molds with only has a 2.5 inch pour I did the mold pour on the floor. Slamming was much easier and didn't have to worry about spilling it. When it thickened a bit....took it to the table and put it to bed. Stayed soft for a while and I ripped the liner when trying to remove it...but finally got it out and sliced it up. It was a little hot but it will calm down as it cures.

That is all.

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