Saturday, July 30, 2011

DMC #5 cotton floss prep

Ever steped up your game and bought some premium DMC cotton floss and found that not only is it not designed to be split but just getting started s a challenge? The answer is in the prep. Improper prepping leads to mass tangling. This is how to prep a dmc #5 skein. You need a yarn bobbin or a business size card, a mini clip or tape.

First...remove the binding labels. Put them will use them later as an identification label. Now untwist the skein and it will look like a long circle. Look at this will see a loop knot somewhere on it.

Pick it up by this knot and use it as the guide to open the circle. Place carefully on flat surface and undo the knot. 

*Attach one loose end onto a bobbin in the slit or a card to which you have anchored the loose end on with the clip. Slowly wind around the bobbin/card.

Once you are done winding the skein onto the bobbin...take the binding label that has the color number on it and slide it under the loose end side...I actually put the loose end thru the paper tube...then clip it into place.

*If you are using a bobbin...and the loose end is inserted into the tab...skip that step and tape the label onto the bobbin where the color number will clearly be seen. If you have paper bobbins...simply write the info onto the card. Finished.

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