Monday, July 25, 2011

Simple Elegance

This style...also known as 2 base protective, anchor braids, 4 square, 2 inverted-2 extroverted, quick weave base, 2 cornrows with frenchies, what ever you call it...its simple elegance....and simply fast and easy.

Starting with freshly washed and deep conditioned hair....make a 1 inch halo part....clamp it out the way. Part the canopy into 2 or 3 sections...i did 2...and french braid strait back leaving ends free, but held in place with a clamp. Comb out the halo section and part in center...braid this sectiom it floats and wont pull the scalp. When you reach the free end of the french braids...remove clamps and pick up and braid into the halo. Braid this to its end matching the center part when necessary. Repeat on other side. Wrap with a silk scarf at night and this style will last 2 weeks.

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