Sunday, July 17, 2011

A few changes on artfire...and a few updates

Artfire is making major changes...a few of those changes will prevent me from listing on artfire. One of the changes is the free basic account is being retired on August 15, 2011. All artfire members will then be force to be pro members...paying monthly.  I have been a pro member...with no sales. I have been a basic member with quite a few direct sales...folks see my work and order a silmilar...more custom version. Instead of pro...or basic...I will stay direct. Therefore, I will be listiing items direct on the blog. If you are interesting in purchasing any of my designs...stay tuned. I accept paypal and google checkout.

Update...thanks to new technology...embeding a video is no longer a 3 step its record and share. The video before this post is a test of that. Of course every vid you see on qik is available on youtube. And with the new phone...I'll be making a lot of vids...or not. I just like knowing I have the ability to do so. Haha are now up to date....until the next post of course. Ha

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