Thursday, July 21, 2011

Time to deep condish...

Step one....mix 1 cup of mayo...with 1/4 cup or good pour your regular conditioner or scoop of LeKlair cholesterol conditioner. I use an old magarine bowl so I can storage leftover in fridge until next time.

Step two...either apply to hair directly....or to sectioned section at a time....making sure hair is coated from roots to ends. Cover hair with plastic shower cap. Wrap a long piece of plastic wrap around that...making sure to overlap the skin and the cap....this is to keep any oil from dripping. Now take a towel and wrap around the hair. Leave on for an hour.

Step three...rinse well. Co-wash the roots if needed. Detangle in needed...and style as usual. Personally ...I twist the hair into large sections...trim the ends if needed and let air dry. If I'm doing this close to bed time...I wrap a scarf around it and go to bed. 

Step four...witness the rebirth of soft, shiny, touchable curls. Enjoy.

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