Monday, April 25, 2011

The building of the braided mohawk

The first step since the head curves is to decide a parting pattern. I
divided my hair into 3 parts. Part one was from the arch of my eyebrow
strait back ...this I anchored down with a braid. Then then I did the
same thing on the other side of the head...anchor the center section
with a braid and clips to make sure it's anchored tightly.

Now take one side down...part it in 3 sections...from ear to the center
section following the curve of the head. Place an anchor braid here
section 1. Then from the ear towards the back. Anchor (section 3). This
leaves the center section...should be shaped like a triangle. Anchor
(section 2). Repeat with the other side section.

Now decide if you want to start towards the front or the back and take
that anchor apart and split a small part following the shape of the
head. Start with a flat twist for about an inch and then finish that
with a braid...when you reach the end of the section...braid an
inch...then two strand twist the rest of the section to the end. I add a
little gel when I divide the 3 sections into two for the twist. Continue
until the section is complete...whether you started with section 1 or
section not touch section 2 until the other two sections are
done. When working section 2 some of the parts may start in the center
making for an interesting aspect. Or you can make zig zags or patterns.
The trick is to make sure what ever you do to the right side of head,
you also do to the left. If you run out of time or you just like the
look...leave the center free. Or....2 strand twist 1 inch sections.
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Kendra Thaler said...

Hello there, this is Kendra! I just wanted to personally thank you for following my blog. I hope you find the information helpful, uplifing and exciting! God bless you :)

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Thank you Kendra! I hope my blog maintains your interest too.