Thursday, April 28, 2011

totally random...but I had a great day!

first of all, since I'm the rookie...I have a "hello" route....want to know what that is....remove the "o", its the route that the veterans dont want or wont do. i call it an angels and demons route...cuz the first half are little angels, the second half act like their possessed get the picture.

I take a layover between the two cuz it allows me time to mentally prepare myself for the drama of the second half....basically i get prayed up so they cant steal my joy. well, while on layover, i noticed the clouds in the crossover mirror....looked really pretty, so i took a pic or two of can actually see me taking the pic if you look closely.

then at the end of the day, it started raining....not a big deal in Cincinnati this past week as it has rained everyday for the past week...anyway, it started raining....while the sun was still out. the weather in Cincinnati, always an adventure! anyway, upon leaving the lot....RAINBOW!!! I pulled back into the lot, into a safe place to park and took a picture of it.  Check this out!

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