Sunday, April 24, 2011

Also in the bag!...

Is this apple~cinnamon candle, my daughters fave scent and this
beautiful ribbon....gonna wear the ribbon in my hair don't you know
it!!!! The candle I will give to my daughter...because she lives miles
from here. I'm allergic to even if she burns the candle 2
seconds before she comes for a visit...the travel time from her place to
mine will neutralize any trace of it on her. Haha I'm not one of those
suffer in silence types and I'm not gonna let it collect inches of dust
just cuz I can't use it either.

And then the tissue paper inside the bunny bag...which is gorgeous by
the way...very delicate with spring flowers all over and glitter! I love
glitter!! And then there's the card....purple with a single
lily....gonna hang that up somewhere. It's a wonderful day. Gonna go do
other stuff now....and blog you later!
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