Saturday, April 2, 2011

Vintage high waist jeans...

I bought these jeans on April 11, 1987 at the El Paso International
Airport mall. My flight landed while my husband was in the middle of a
PT test...and my first experience with the army....they wouldn't let him
come get me...until 3 hours later. The only message I got was "I'll be
there as soon as I can." So me, my luggage and 2 kids...were stuck
there. Well the airport was also a mall and boredom outruled my hatred
of malls so I went shopping.

The jeans are high waisted, the waist is made of 4 the front
the panels form a stair step effect. 2 bttons and a zipper, have strait
legs at the ankle but a pantaloon effect thru the middle. The label is
white with the only character still readable is a V in script style
writing. I think they are Vera Bradley design...but after so many
years...I have no clue. I know who they are not. They are not Vidal
Sasoon, they are not Vesace, those have very distinctive logos that look
nothing like this.

If you have seen these jeans or some similar to them....let me know. I
would love to replace them with another pair.
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