Friday, April 15, 2011

Ultimate Moisturizing spray

Familiar scene in any naturalist household...a tea made from good stuff
like sage and rosemary, maybe some ginger and peppermint added. This is
then put into a spray bottle and used on hair.

This is a leave in conditioner. Then there is another bottle of glycerin
and water for moisturizing, and a third bottle of braid
spray...moisturizing for braids...and sometimes yet another bottle of
oil. I submit to you that there is an easier way.

This is what you do...get a 12 or 16 oz spray bottle....take you olive
oil or what ever your base oil is...and pour 4oz into the bottle, to
this add 4oz of usp glycerin...I get mine in the medical section of the
grocery take your fave braid spray and pour 4oz of that in
and 4 oz of the tea (freeze the left over tea for future use) if you
have room left in the bottle...take up the balance with distilled
bottled water. This will look like a density experiment from high
school. Put the bottle together. Shake very well. Let settle so the
ingredients can get to be friends. When the oil separates again....and
the other ingredients do not...they have been infused to the proper

When ready to use...give a shake and use as you would normally use your
braid spray or moisturizing spray. 1 step instead of 4. If you are
making a smaller or larger batch...just remember it's equal parts.
Sometimes instead of braid spray...I just use all moisture tea. Depends
on my mood or my finances. Give it a try and see what works for you.

Also...if you tend to use vinegar in your mix...add it to the tea. 10
drops of peppermint usually goes in my olive oil right after I put it in
the bottle. Just be sure to incorporate your mix to be equal parts.
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