Sunday, April 10, 2011

The ultimate burger

My son brought this to me today! It features sharp gouda and mild
American cheeses, a fresh baked sourdough bun with sesame. Now let me
tell you about the meat....ground steak and ground beef come together
married by salt, Cajun spices and usually pepper only I can't have it's none in it. Topped with ranch dressing and the usual
flavor teasers ...lettuce, tomatoes, etc.

To me...this is dinner, the whole meal...and possibly a snack. However
with the taste sensations it produces and the smell....oh joy!....I may
get greedy. I paired it with Folgers black velvet coffee....with cream
only. Adding sugar to this meal would be ruination.

When a chef says "mom, I brought you a hamburger." Don't be expecting a
Mc'D type of thing....expect a meal. Now I'm gonna sit back and let my
happy tummy rest while I knit for a bit.
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