Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Braided Mohawk...finished.

Of course I could have also called it the twisted mohawk seeing how the
center is individual twists and the start and end of each braid is
twisted. But what makes a mohawk what it is...is the sides...the sides
are mostly braided...hence the name. I had rolled the front earlier
which is needed cuz that's the only reason my chin length hair isn't in
my eyes. The back is still damp from the gel...so I'm gonna roll it up
tonight instead of dipping my head in water which is usually how I
finish my twists and let the natural curl pattern take over. Anyway
these are the best pics I could take to show it off being the only one
in charge of the camera....and having learned on Easter....not everyone
can figure out a camera app if it isn't their phone so zooming in isn't
an option to tell someone. Anyway....enjoy. I know I will...it's at that
inbetween stage where it needs to rest to grow and the city has been
pounded with nearly~non~stop rain for days...forcast says it will
continue for another week.

I don't know about you natural diva's....but non stop rain for 3 days
makes my hair very tight and uncomfortable....2 weeks of the
stuff...braids. Even better....twists. Shake and go...no. Not trying to
deal with that when I wake up at 4 am for work. That is all.

Stay blessed.
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