Friday, September 16, 2011

Headboard Library almost fell on my head!

The one sound I can't sleep thru is a lawn mower. Ted was outside mowing the under my window...I woke up thinking "what is that?" No sooner than I get of the boxes of my headboard library fell where my head was. God ALWAYS sends me an angel! I can't make this stuff up...not that imaginative. Ironic that it was the box of knitting books. So I went outside and gave a very confused Ted a hug and said "Thanks for saving my life." To which he repled "ok...woke you up for work huh?" Haha so I explained it.

If you have a headboard with a built in book case....and you actually use it for advised this could happen to you too. I'm clearing all the books off of mine. From now on they going in a standard bookcase.

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