Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hmmm thats new!

Took down my halo cuz i wore a fleece high colar shirt to work yesterday and fleece tends to snag in curly hair. So...took it down...noticed the only dry hair was in the back where the colar was. I dipped my comb in moisturizer and combed thru. Immediately 2 things happened....1. The dry crunchy went away and becuz of this halo method of care...comb thru is generally tangle free. And 2. My curl pattern has changed. Looks like a 3b instead of 3c/4a. Nearly strait compared to what im used to. Hmmm thats new! Not sure I'm liking that. Hopefully by the tiime it drys it will revert back to the tighter curl pattern i know. Hopefully its. Just weighed down from product or something and will go back to normal after a good cleaning. Anyway...thought I'd share.

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