Tuesday, September 20, 2011

LOTD: French back, front Tuck

The look of the day....naturally presentable in a business situation...French back, front tuck. Ya I know...its not a halo...but its still a protective...and takes about 6 mins to do.

Today is a rainy day and I needed something that didn't start 3 inches and end at 9 inches. When you are doing an eval with someone who may not be familiar with the rise and fall of natural hair....you don't want to distract them with hair that's defying gravity while you are trying to show your skills.

To get the look...part hair from ear to ear. Place a part in the front where you want it, making 2 sections...then clip those sections towards the front. Now french braid the back from the nape to the crown and continue braiding till you reaach the end of the braid. If its humid out...you may want to make the braid tighter so the hair won't puff or escape. Now...take the larger of the front section down...make a roll with your fingers blending the end of the braid into it. Anchor it down with cliip, barrette, bobbi pin or what ever. Now roll the other section and anchor it down as well. The longer your hair is...the larger your rolls will be...even if you roll tightly. Now with hands....smooth the rolls to be smaller at the back larger in front...this makes a smooth presentation. Adjust your bobbi pins if needed. Float a bobbi pin in the braid if its short to make sure it doesn't unravel if that's an issue for you. Done.

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