Wednesday, September 14, 2011

LOTW: halo twisted

So....I found myself twisting my halo fro. Instead of going "what am I doing...I wanted a puff fro...I just went ahead and continued. I decided not to use a comb to part or detangle....just grabbed sections and made kinky twists. Kinky twists have a puffier texture than regular twist becuz you don't comb them while you do them.

After I was done...I gathered all the twist into a ponytail so I could take down the halo....spray it with setting lotion...and rebraid it. Then I poured water over the twists until saturated...took out the ponytail holder. Then I gave it a shake and took the pics seen. I can redo the halo to keep it neat and the twists will last until I remove them.

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