Monday, September 12, 2011

LOTD: the halo fro

My halo is in a protective braid giving it the look of a braided "headband" while the rest was left free to be. You can use an actual headband to assist in braid placement of this style. I don't have to do a full protective style ...the only place I'm prone to breakage is the halo its braided. When the halo catches up to the rest of the hair...then I'll wear it all down.

Moved the halo braid further back with the assist of a head band...after i got the head band where i usually put it for a puff...i braided it down. Took down the power puff i wore today and was back to a halo fro.  While waiting for the kids to come out at second school...realized suddenly, i had put in 5 two strand twists. Haha so now im twisting the rest....LOTD has become LOTW.

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