Saturday, September 10, 2011

Something a little different...

So I wanted to try something a little different so after wetting my hair...I coated it with 14 n1...which is easier than you would think...cuz my 14 n 1 has been poured into a gel container.

No trying to spray from a slippery spray bottle. I parted my hair into 6 sections....applied the stuff like a gel and combed it thru. Waited 5 mins for full saturation...added more where needed.

Then, making 1/2 inch sections, and coating each section with my hair pudding, I used my curlformers on the center, back and sides of hair...and put a bonnet over it.

Then coating my front hair with more hair pudding....first I shingled it for even distributing then I took a small tooth comb and combed hair back and over the bonnet. Then I tied a scarf over it, making sure the loose section was completely covered. After 10 mins...I took the scarf off and looked at it...the hair is shiny and drying flat, strait with a slight bit of my curl pattern showing. The scarf also is molding the ends to the curlformers under the bonnet so the hair will blend and not look out of place when styled. All I have to do now is wait until it drys and should it not dry timely...this looks good enough to leave the house in.

Since curlformers are springy...they feel like a cloud to sleep on. It usually dry by morning so we'll see how it turns out. Look for "Wedding Hair" to see the finished style.  Stay tuned.

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