Thursday, September 29, 2011

Mirror in waiting...

The wait is over. After making sure the glue was still intact and secure, I edged the spacer with extra tacky duct tape....the kind found at auto stores, making it the best thing to bind glass and plastic. I made sure I had centered it so both sides of mirror would have the same "border" then I snipped in 1/2 inch tabs all the way around on both sides of the tape. I went ahead and smoothed down a 3 inch section to give myself a handhold, enabling me to finish snipping. Then I worked one side....then the other, then I burnish rubbed both sides making sure I had full adhesion from the tape. Then of course I cleaned the mirror. 

Now while I work on the frame I won't have to worry about raw edges from the glass or slippage or failure from the glue. The glue I used was not designed for attaching plasic to glass so it was at best...a temporary fix.

Now even if I don't create a frame in a timely manner...I don't have to worry about injury from my fave doublesided mirror. This gives me time to comtemplate what kind of frame I want. This mirror may never be on a stand again but I can always hang it up....and even make a built in hanging loop in whatever design I do. Time will tell. Continue to stay tuned. Call this episode 2. Hahaha

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